Native American Kokopelli Sterling Silver 12K GF Pendant

Native American Kokopelli Sterling Silver 12K GF Pendant


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Roger Jones is the Navajo Native American artist of this sterling silver and 12K gold filled  Kokopelli pendant with hand stamped accents around the edge of the pendant

Signed: RJ, Roger Jones, Navajo Native American
Stamped: 1/20K.G.F. Sterling silver
Earrings are 1-1/4" by 3/4" at the widest point
Earrings weigh: 2 grams for the pair
Handmade in the USA
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The legendary Kokopelli was a hump-backed flute player that served the Native American Indian Indian cultures as a symbol of courtship, fertility and peaceful trade. He is also know for melting the winter snow and bringing about the spring rains for a successful harvest.

Today Kokopelli still represents a positive life force. His message can be anything that brings you happiness. Keeping his likeness near you and those you love can create harmony and centering in an otherwise frustrating world. Kokopelli brings abundance to those he meets. Wearing Kokopelli jewelry conveys best wishes for a joyful life. This is what we wish our customers. Best wishes to you for a joyful life.