Native American Hopi Sterling Silver Kokopelli Belt Buckle Signed

Native American Hopi Sterling Silver Kokopelli Belt Buckle Signed 3" X 2"


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This amazing sterling silver belt buckle was handcrafted by renowned Native American Hopi artist Delfred Masawytewa.  The two Kokopellis playing their flutes chase away the harsh winter weather in order to bring about the spring rains that will ensure success in the planting and growing of their crops.

  • Belt buckle is 3" by 2"
  • Belt buckle can accommodate a belt that is 1 1/2" wide
  • Signed: SM, Delfred "Sparky" Masawytewa, Hopi Native American 
  • Stamped Sterling 
  • Buckle weighs: 65.204 grams
  • Made in the USA
  • Gift Boxed
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Uniquely designed and handcrafted by Delfred Masawytewa, or better known as “Sparky,” this belt buckle is made of two layers of sterling silver with the characteristic blackened background and detailed design from a process known as Hopi Overlay.  "Sparky's" meticulous craftsmanship is remarkable in design, style and balance.  

Delfred is a Hopi Silversmith from the village of Mishongnovi of Second Mesa where he is part of the Bear Clan.  He is a well known silversmith who has been featured in many books.  Delfred is the Grand-son of Arthur Masawytewa and brother of Gary Masawytewa.