Hopi Sterling Silver Symbol Band Ring Size 7 3/4

Hopi Sterling Silver Symbol Band Ring Size 7 3/4


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This Hopi Native American ring is a great way to express your love of handcrafted jewelry that can be worn everyday and will last a lifetime.  The hand carved gecko lizard symbol, that is repeated on the band, represents agility, renewal and transformation.

The artist used two layers of sterling silver to create this gecko lizard design in a process known as "Hopi Overlay".  The bottom layer is recessed, etched and oxidized to give it that characteristic textured, blackened background. The second layer is the detailed Gecko design that was created with small jeweler’s hand saws and chisels. The beautifully polished top layer is bonded to the bottom layer in a complex soldering process that creates the contrast between the two layers.

  • Size 7 3/4
  • Signed: CJ, Hopi Native American artist
  • Stamped: Sterling
  • Weight: 3 grams
  • Band width is 3/8"
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping within the United States