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Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings Sterling Silver

These simple yet elegant Swarovski crystal earrings will tie our outfit together with class.  The smoky gray-black multi faceted crystal is set in sterling silver.  Swarovski crystals do not occur naturally but are made of high quality lead glass.  These man-made crystals consist of 32 percent lead, which is a requirement when making the crystals which allows for a material that can withstand intricate cutting.  The tear-dropped crystal in these earrings are a pleasing deep dark color with precision cut facets will take you from day to night in perfect style.

  • Pierced Earrings
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Dark Smoky gray to black colored Crystals
  • Length: 1 1/16" from top of wire to bottom crystal
  • Width: 3/8"
  • Weight: 5 grams (pair)
  • FREE Shipping with in the USA



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Swarovski Crystal Golden Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

These elegant, golden colored earrings are Swarovski crystals,set in sterling silver, that were made of high quality lead glass.  Swarovski crystals do not occur naturally.  They are man made and consist of 32 percent lead, which is a requirement when making the crystals. The use of lead allows for a material that can withstand cutting.  The crystals in these earrings are a pleasing golden color and have many facets that were precision cut for a beautiful, high quality look.   

Add a touch of color to your look with these simple yet elegant, tear-dropped shaped pierced earrings. They complement any outfit and will take you from day to night in perfect style.

  • Pierced Earrings
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Golden Colored Crystals
  • Length: 1 1/16" from top of wire to bottom crystal
  • Wideth: 3/8"
  • Weight: 5 grams (pair)



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Turquoise Beaded Necklace18" Navajo Native American Handcrafted

This beaded necklace will add a beautiful pop of color to any outfit and it is sure to get you lots of compliments!  Evelyn Yazzie, the Navajo Native American artist, has hand-strung turquoise and orange spiny oyster nuggets into a stunning accessory.  Between the 7-8 mm turquoise nuggets there are clusters of vibrant orange spiny oyster chips and 3 mm sterling silver beads.  The beaded pattern is symmetrical and balanced as well as stunning.  Imagine the striking look with your little black dress or with your favorite pair of jeans.  

  • Artist - Evelyn Yazzie
  • Sterling silver hook and eye closure
  • Turquoise and Spiny Oyster beads
  • 18" necklace
  • FREE shipping within the United States


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Turquoise Black Onyx Multi Stone Beaded Necklace 2 Strands

This is 2-strands of genuine stones of turquoise, black onyx, tiger eye, mother of pearl, several colors of spiny oyster, amethyst, tortoise shell and other stones that make up a colorful, southwestern necklace that will become your "go-to" necklace for so many occasions.  Three inches at the ends of the necklace are all tortoise shell for comfort on your neck with sterling silver cones and a hook and eye closure.  This fun, dazzling array of hand-strung beads is perfect for accessorizing with your favorite jeans or adding an eye-catching, stylish look with your little black dress.  This necklace goes with everything!  Add a touch of natural beautiful and have fun! 

  • 2 Strands, 27" Long
  • Hand-strung
  • Multi Stones
  • Sterling Silver Hook and Eye Closure
  • Weighs: 45.36
  • Free shipping within the United States

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Turquoise Coral Silver Beaded Necklace Hand Strung Navajo 18"

Navajo Native American artist, Lillian Yazzie from New Mexico, has created this hand-strung necklace of beautiful turquoise beads with coral and sterling silver spacers.  Notice that the polished turquoise beads match perfectly in color, size and shape.  Both ends of the necklace are expertly finished with a sterling silver hook and eye closure.  This necklace will be striking with so many outfits in your closet including your little black dress or even a white shirt with a pair of jeans.  

  • Hand-strung by Navajo Native American Lillian Yazzie 
  • Necklace length is 18"
  • Handcrafted in the United States
  • Free shipping within the United States


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Turquoise Spiny Oyster Sterling Silver Ring Navajo Indian Native Francisco 6 1/4

This Navajo handcrafted ring by Sheila Francisco has an elevated row of vibrant stones of orange and red spiny oyster along with turquoise and gaspeite that are set in a perfectly polished sterling silver band.  The beautiful colored stones are different sizes which also commands special interest through its simple elegance.  This ring is perfect for wearing everyday and makes a perfect addition to your jewelry collection with distinctive southwestern character.

  • Artist - Sheila Francisco
  • Shop Hallmark - AT
  • Stamped Sterling
  • Size 6 1/4
  • The band width is 1/4" at the inlay stones and gradually tapers to 1/8" at the back
  • Weight: 5.7 grams
  • Free shipping within the United States


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Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelet Navajo Indian Larson Lee 6.5"

Larson Lee, a Navajo Native American artist has handcrafted this traditional cuff bracelet with an interesting #8 Turquoise stone.  The triangular stone is set in a shadow box setting and embellished with 4 sterling silver raindrops (beads) and a hand-carved border.  The 3 highly polished sterling silver bands merge to form one band for style and comfort.  This unique and meticulously handcrafted bracelet by Larson Lee is one of a kind.  It's interesting style will be admired and cherished for many years to come.  

  • Fits a wrist 6.25" - 6.5"  Inside measurement is 5.25" with 1.25" gap = 6.5"
  • Signed: Larson Lee, Navajo Native American artist
  • Stamped: Sterling
  • To insure the best fit, place a tape measure around your wrist at the wrist bones to determine the size of your wrist.  You can also use a string and then measure the length of the string.
  • The triangular stone measures 13/16" by 9/16" at the widest point
  • The setting measures 1 1/8" by 13/16" at the widest point
  • Bracelet's band width at the terminals is 3/8"
  • Weight: 28.35 grams
  • Made in the United States
  • Free shipping within the United States



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Turquoise Sterling Silver Dangle Post Earrings Southwestern (New)

This is a delightful pair of dangle, post earrings, handcrafted with Turquoise set in Sterling Silver.  The variety of stone shapes, sizes and accents of sterling silver rope add interest for an enchanting, eye-catching work of art.  Notice how beautifully the back of the earrings have been finished.  These earrings will look great on you!

  • Hallmarked LE
  • Stamped Sterling
  • Post Earrings 
  • Hanging length is 1 1/4" by 9/16"
  • Each earring weighs: 2.8 grams
  • Free shipping within the United States


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Turquoise Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, Zuni Native American

These turquoise half hoop, post, sterling silver earrings were handcrafted by Zuni Native American Cordelia Waikaniwa with a two row channel inlay setting.  These earrings look great with all hair styles and skins tones. If you are looking for a gift for women who love Southwest and Western style jewelry, these earrings will be a big hit!

  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
  • Artist: Cordelia Waikaniwa, Zuni Native American artist
  • Sterling Silver
  • Post Earrings
  • Hanging length 7/8"
  • Weight: 5 grams
  • New, Never Worn
  • Made in the USA
  • FREE shipping in the USA
  • Gift Boxed


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Turquoise Sterling Silver Horse Pendant Handmade

All horse lovers will enjoy this proud, prancing stallion pendant that was handcrafted with vibrant stones of orange and purple spiny oyster, turquoise, black onyx, lapis and lab created opal.  This horse has 12 hand-cut and hand-laid stones that are set in hand polished sterling silver in an intriguing pattern that adds detail and beauty to the design of this noble creature.  Notice the meticulous craftsmanship of this spirited steed.

This pendant is the perfect gift for the horse lover.  Don't let this one gallop away. 

    • Hallmarked: CK
    • Stamped: Sterling
    • Horse measures 1 7/8" including the bale by 1 3/4" at the widest point
    • Bale opening is 3/8"
    • Weighs: 5.67 grams
    • Made in the USA
    • Free shipping within the United States


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Turquoise Sterling Silver Necklace Earrings Set Navajo Native American

This is a stunningly, beautiful necklace and earrings set that was handcrafted by well-reputed Navajo Native American silversmith and lapidary artist, Jerry N. Platero.  The Stone Cabin turquoise stone is a very pretty shade of green.  Jerry Platero is a master of the channel inlay technique and well proportioned pieces.  This set has 33 stones that have been individually hand-cut and hand-laid with strips of sterling silver between the stones to make an interesting pattern.  The stones are set in a simple bezel and are mounted on a detailed, traditional,  sterling silver hand-cut platform.  With such attention to detail, this is a unique and strikingly impressive necklace and earring set that any woman would love to wear.  Jerry Platero's meticulous, quality craftsmanship is second to none. 

  • Signed - Jerry N. Platero, Navajo Native American artist
  • Stamped Sterling
  • Stone is called Stone Cabin Turquoise
  • Post Earrings measure 7/8" by 3/4" at the widest point
  • Pendant also measures 7/8" by 3/4" with a sterling silver sturdy bale
  • Pendant comes with an 18" sterling silver chain
  • Weight: 17.5 grams
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping within the United States

Jerry Platero's last name in Spanish literally means, Silversmith.  He is a Navajo and lives in Tohajiilee, on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. 


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Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring Navajo Native American John Nelson Size 8 3/4

One of our favorite artists, John Nelson, a Navajo Native American, handcrafted this attractive ring with a tear-dropped shaped King Manassa Turquoise stone, set in sterling silver.  The turquoise is set in a plain bezel that is surrounded by a hand-twisted rope design.  The hand-carved accents on the platform finishes this ring to perfection.  Notice the beautiful hand-carved details on the shank.  

This traditional Navajo ring is an excellent example of the meticulous, quality craftsmanship that John Nelson is known for.  This is an outstanding ring that will  make a bold statement on your hand. 

  • Size 8 3/4
  • Signed: J. Nelson, Navajo Native American artist
  • Sterling silver
  • Sterling silver setting measures 1 18" by 3/4" at the widest point
  • Manassa Turquoise stone measures 7/8" by 9/16"
  • Shank measures 1/2" under the setting and tapers to 1/8" at the back of the band
  • Weighs: 11.34 grams
  • Free shipping within the United States

King Manassa Turquoise was mined at Manassa, in south central Colorado and is owned by Bill King.  The original Manassa Turquoise mine was called Lickskillet Mine, which was one of the first turquoise deposits found in Colorado.  This mine is no longer in operation which increases the value of this stone.  Manassa Turquoise is known for its blue-green to green color with a golden or brown, non-webbed matrix.  


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Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring Navajo Native American Thomas Francisco 12

Thomas Francisco, a Navajo Native American artist has handmade another beautiful ring out of Number 8 Turquoise. The beautiful aqua stone and the caramel matrix are a perfect combination.  Very stunning!  The inlay in this ring is a process called cobblestone which refers to the stones being fitted perpendicular or angled to each other like you'd see in a stone courtyard.  Often cobblestone pieces vary in size and have beveled rather than rounded edges.  Thomas Francisco is a master at this type of inlay as it requires a great deal of skill  and patience in order to insure that the pieces fit together perfectly.  The shank is buffed to a beautiful luster and the sides are embellished with hand-carved designs that represent the cycles of life and eternal renewal.  This masculine ring is a combination of traditional and contemporary design that you are going to appreciate for years to come.  This is a perfect ring for everyday wear or for a special occasion.  

  • Stamped Sterling
  • Size 12
  • Turquoise cobblestone setting measures 7/16" by 7/16"
  • The turquoise and hand-carved sides is 3/4" wide
  • Weight: 14.17 grams
  • FREE shipping within the United States


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Vintage Hopi Sterling Silver Ring Band Size 8

Charles Johnson, a Hopi Native American, is the artist of this great ring, that is open in the front.  The traditional symbols represent renewal, direction and change which were created in a process known as "Overlay" that includes using two layers of sterling silver.  The top layer contains the hand-carved recessed symbols within the sterling silver.  This ring is unusual because it is open in the front and the symbols wrap around the band.

  • Size 8
  • Signed: CJ, Charles Johnson, Hopi Native American artist
  • Stamped: Sterling
  • Weight: 7 grams
  • Band width is 3/8" in the front of the band at the opening and tapers to 3/16" at the back
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping within the United States


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Vintage Native American Gaspeite Sterling Silver Box Post Earrings, Signed

These beautiful, Native American Navajo post earrings were handcrafted with an apple green gaspeite stone set in sterling silver. The detailed, basket weave hoop, dangles freely for an eye popping touch of southwest style. This vintage pair of earrings will be cherished for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Artist: Sanel, Navajo native American artist
Stamped: .925
Post Earrings
Weight: 12 grams for the pair
Made in the USA
FREE shipping
Gift Boxed


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Vintage Native American Sterling Silver Lapel Flag Brooch Pin

This Vintage Native American Navajo pin, brooch was handcrafted with Sterling Silver and inlaid stones of Coral, Lab Opal and Lapis Lazuli. This is a great pin for your lapel, hat, scarf, jacket, bag and more.

Sterling Silver .925,
Coral, Lab Opal and Lapis inlaid stones
Swivel safety pin back
1 X 13/16"
Made in the USA
Gift Boxed
FREE shipping within the USA

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Vintage Sterling Silver Dragonfly Cuff Bracelet 7" Hopi Native American

Hopi Native American artist, Darin Silas has handcrafted a beautiful cuff bracelet using Hopi sterling silver Overlay with a Dragonfly design.

  • Stamped with the artist's personal Hallmark - a Parrot, Darin Silas, Hopi Native American
  • Stamped: Sterling
  • Bracelet inside measurement is 7"
  • Free Domestic shipping

This cuff bracelet is an incredible work of art and a magnificent piece of history!  It was handcrafted by award-winning, Hopi Native American master silversmith, Darin Silas, whose jewelry can be found in the finest museums and galleries.  Darin Silas is celebrated for his complex details and intricacies that takes a steady hand, many painstaking hours to complete with skills that have been handed down through many generations.  The artists obtained his inspiration for this bracelet from his culture and the Hopi way of life.  

Darin Silas has handcrafted in sterling silver his personal expression of the Dragonfly that is regarded as a symbol of springtime, fertility and renewal.  The dragonfly is also considered a messenger and its connection with water is represented on each side of the dragonfly with wave symbols.

Darin Silas, a Hopi Native American artist is from the Hopi Parrot Class of Sichmovi.  He signs each of his handcrafted pieces with his personal hallmark, a parrot.